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Why are we different?

Integrated funding, insurance and litigation management services – LitFUNDING is unique in its ability to offer a totally integrated service. This means that cases can progress quickly and effectively with any combination of funding, after the event (“ATE”) insurance and litigation management, saving clients and solicitors valuable time and ensuring that investors maintain interest in the most attractive cases.

Market leading and experienced management team – With unrivalled experience in funding and ATE insurance, including an internal team which includes lawyers and others experienced in insurance, the A2J Group is able to offer the highest quality of service to clients, solicitors and investors. This provides support throughout the challenging process of litigation.


Strategic Alliances – by virtue of its market leading experience, A2J Group has been able to form a strategic alliance beyond funding and insurance, enabling us to deliver fast and comprehensive solutions in respect of all enquiries. The prospects of a successful outcome in any litigation can be increased by expert support from forensic accountants, costs lawyers, mediation and dispute resolution support.

Interim Funding – LitFUNDING is also unique in its ability to offer early case funding. This provides assistance to solicitors and claimants seeking to gather sufficient evidence in order to substantiate prospects of success for formal funding and insurance applications. From a claimant’s perspective, this enables good cases to get off the ground, resulting in profitable work for solicitors and an increased level of return for investors.


Regulation Development via the Civil Justice Council – the credibility, reputation and market moving influence of the principals in the A2J Group are endorsed through its involvement with the Civil Justice Council, established by the Ministry of Justice, which reviews the regulatory framework for litigation and proposes change. You can be confident that you are working with an organisation that is influencing the development of the legal framework for litigation in the UK in the short, medium and long term.