CLFL launches Arbitration Funding


October 2011

Commercial Litigation Funding Limited Launches Arbitration Funding Facility

London-based Commercial Litigation Funding Limited (CLFL) has recently launched a specialist provision to facilitate arbitration funding for cases across the country.

Developed in collaboration with its global law firm clients, the funding facility was set up by CLFL in September 2011 to provide clients with specialist Legal Due Diligence work in advance of arbitration cases.  With its in house experience and in conjunction with a panel of specialists, CLFL’s expertise in securing funding for these cases often unlocks the ability for lawyer and client to continue towards resolution of a particular dispute.

CLFL’s intimate knowledge of the Arbitration process has enabled it to develop a bespoke approach to funding, which includes innovative features such as mediation or adjudication costs as part of a multi tiered dispute resolution mechanism.

Eva Kizlo, Business Development Manager at CLFL, said: “With an ever increasing number of high value and complex arbitration cases and a growing number of investor disputes, particularly with the recent economic climate, arbitration funding has risen. When representing a client on an investor/state arbitration case, Magic Circle and global law firms are usually more open to negotiate the possibility of working on a conditional fee agreement (CFA) and, as a result, third party funders are increasingly more willing to fund cases such as these.”

Ben Hawkins, CLFL’s MD, continued: “We are always looking for ways to make commercial litigation and arbitration funding as simple as possible so, by offering much-needed advice and best practice specifically suited to client’s and case needs, we are ensuring funding is secured quickly and safely, without risk. We often see the need for Arbitrators’’ costs to be paid in advance as a trigger to seek funding, and it requires specialist knowledge to risk assess the case quickly and effectively and to add value as well as simply funds to the process. Our arbitration funding facility can provide the best possible results with a minimum of hassle.”

Where CLFL requires after the event insurance (ATE), in appropriate circumstances this may be arranged by independent insurance broker Litigation Protection, for whom CLFL is a Financial Services Authority (FSA) Introducer Appointed Representative.

Since its launch last month, CLFL’s arbitration funding facility has received four enquiries, two of which include arbitration at International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, one at International Chamber of Commerce International Court of Arbitration in Amsterdam and the last at Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration.

Anyone interested in learning more about arbitration funding can now take advantage of CLFL’s consultation services by contacting Business Development Manager Eva Kizlo on 020 3051 8645 or via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Alternatively, visit

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