Information for Solicitors

The principals ofAccess to Justice Group (A2J) have considerable knowledge of After The Event (ATE) legal expenses insurance dating back to 1992 and subsequently established LitFunding Limitedspecifically to arrange funding for commercial cases and since 2006 has reviewed over 400 enquiries and has arranged funding for cases worth over £10m.


How LitFunding can help your firm

Our solutions can help your firm to:

  • Generate ongoing fee income by arranging the provision of funding for costs and disbursements to clients who may otherwise walk away from a good case due to concerns about the financial risks of litigation;
  • Obtain insurance which will hedge the litigation risk, capitalising on our background knowledge of After The Event (ATE) legal expenses insurance; and
  • Manage multiple client relationships in group actions more effectively through our Litigation Management services.

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Interim Funding

Our ‘Early Case Management’ system offers the opportunity for a preliminary case review so that in the early stages, when you may not even know the case prospects, we may be able to offer funding in order to take the case to the next level.   Early case funding enables us to support more speculative cases where counsel's opinion has not yet been obtained, or quantum is below the £2m threshold.


What is the minimum sized funding which LitFunding will consider?

The minimum amount of fees and other costs funded [including the ATE insurance premium] in litigation cases is £150,000 and the main requirement is that damages claimed are in excess of £2 million. In respect of arbitration cases, the amount is £8 million.


What is the cost of funding likely to be?

LitFunding has developed a range of Success Fee scales which may be offered depending on the circumstances of the case. The Success Fee depends on the size of the case and will be influenced by its duration.

You will be informed of the cost in the Commercial Indicative Offer which you will receive before you embark on the case.


How do we differ from other litigation funders?

  • Integrated funding, insurance and litigation management services – The A2J Group is unique in its ability to offer a totally integrated service. This means that cases can progress quickly and effectively with any combination of funding, after the event (ATE) legal expenses insurance and litigation management, saving clients and solicitors valuable time and ensuring that investors maintain interest in the most attractive cases. We can also provide co-funding services, therefore saving your valuable time approaching other different funders.
  • Market leading and experienced management team – With unrivalled experience in funding and ATE insurance, including an internal team comprising eight lawyers, the A2J Group is able to offer the highest quality of service to clients, solicitors and investors. This provides peace of mind throughout the stressful process of litigation.

As our background is in After The Event (ATE) legal expenses insurance, we offer a combined service of funding and ATE insurance via a single application. This speeds up the process and saves the solicitor considerable time in dealing with two providers. This time is typically unrecoverable so it also increases the amount of the damages that a client will receive.