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Information for Claimants

Apart from funding your case, we can also arrange for our associated company, to offer you (After The Event) ATE legal expenses insurance.

For Group Actions where there are more than 20 claimants involved, we can offer case management through Litigation Management Limited, giving the added benefit of providing professional expertise to assist you in managing your case and ensuring that your lawyers provide a first class service and achieve the results that you want.

We help clients succeed in expensive litigation by:


  • Investing in the case to allow costs (eg legal fees) to be paid
  • Arranging you ATE legal expenses insurance to cover the risk of the case losing
  • 'Early Case Funding'  offering the opportunity for a preliminary case review so that in the early stages, when you may not even know the case prospects, we may be able to offer funding in order to take the case to the next level.  

In return for this we are paid a fee out of the damages successfully recovered.


LitFunding provides third party litigation funding for individuals, groups and companies who wish to pursue substantial claims through litigation or arbitration, helping alleviate the pressures, and reducing the cost and cash-flow disruption of dispute resolution.

Benefits to Claimants

  • Removing the litigation or arbitration risk from the balance sheet and stabilising the Claimant's credit status
  • No risk of bad debt
  • No risk of adverse costs
  • Cash flow disruption eliminated

Benefits of sharing the risk

  • Control of costs
  • Opportunities for risk profit through CFA success fees
  • Certainty of insurer
  • Certainty of exposure for client
  • Using allocation of costs to encourage efficient conduct of the proceedings